Our Constitution
Written by Bianca   
Tuesday, 04 November 2008 14:02


1.  The name of the society is Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society

2. The purposes of the society are:

(a) To educate people about the many questions remaining about the attacks perpetrated against the people of America and other nations on September 11th 2001;

(b) To educate people about the omissions, distortions and deceptions of the 9/11 Commission Report and the gaping holes in the official story of 9/11;

(c) To educate people about the many policies, laws, security measures and military actions that have been based on false or questionable information about 9/11 and "terrorism," in both the U.S. and Canada;

(d) To educate people about past false flag military/terror operations and enable them to better recognize such actions in the present and future;

(e) To demand that our servant government abide by the foundational spirit of our nation, "Peace, Order and Good Government."  This would include withdrawing Canadian troops from non peace-keeping/building missions and halting all material support to countries at war, applying the law to Canada's national police and security agents, and ensuring that our laws and government agencies are based on truth and in clear compliance with our Constitution.

(f) To encourage media and journalists to serve the public, by accurately reporting what is already known and diligently pursuing questions critical to public information and democratic government.

(g) To see to it that a thorough, transparent, fair and impartial Canadian inquiry into 9/11 occurs, and to work towards bringing to justice the people who orchestrated, or carried out, the attacks of September 11th, 2001.

3. The following provisions are unalterable:

(a) We believe that when a crime is committed in a society governed by the rule of law, no members of that society should be above the law. Where there is strong evidence to suggest that certain individuals may have committed a crime, there must be an investigation carried out by someone other than the prime suspects, or their close associates.

(b) In the case of Sept 11, 2001, there exists an overwhelming body of evidence suggesting that (1) the attacks of that day could not have been carried out without complicity from within the highest levels of the US government, and (2) the official "investigation" was in fact a cover-up, by US authorities and media alike.  The truth about 9/11 is not known, not because it is unknowable, but because it has been concealed.

(c) We are part of an international truth-seeking movement. We believe that truth and justice matter.  This Society is committed to exposing the facts and demanding the truth about 9/11.


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